An active skydiver with a vast experience and respect for our history


National Director

Sports Promotion

Today’s marketing approach requires being digital savvy, strategy, and direction. Not many people realize the time and energy it takes to manage the duties of a proficient marketer: sourcing images, implementing and following a strategy, and creating and scheduling social media posts on multiple platforms.

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Representing Vertical Disciplines

As the co-creator for the competitive discipline 4-Way Vertical Formation Skydiving, I have an intimate understanding of the effort and engineering required top develop and promote a brand-new discipline: how a team would be filmed, judging criteria, judge requirements, and competitor involvement.

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Vast Experience

I am in a unique situation where I have the unusual combination of vast experience and youth: I have amassed over 11,000 skydives and am still incredibly active in the sport. I have a lot of passion and energy to continue giving back to skydiving.

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Running for USPA
National Director


To serve the sport which has given so much to me. My mission is to help continue moving the sport forward by utilizing my unique and diverse skill set and aiding the communication and promotion of our sport within and out of the industry.

Why USPA National

I have had the privilege of engaging with the sport of skydiving in a variety of roles, and I believe this gives me a unique perspective of the sport. Over the decades, I have not only witnessed great changes to the sport, but I have also played an active role in inspiring changes within the sport to improve the safety of its participants and to encourage increased competitive participation through developing, hosting, and organizing events in newly emerging disciplines. At this point, I am still active within the sport and continue to travel as a skydiving ambassador nationally for events, world records, and demos. I intend, while continuing to be active in the sport, to shift my attention to dedicate the time and effort required to properly serve the skydiving community as the USPA National Director. I feel my diverse experiences, and active role in the sport would make me a great candidate for the board, especially a national director position!

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