Aircraft Speak Glossary

ADIZ or Air Defense Identification Zone In Sugar Alpha, there’s a lot of pilot-speak. When I originally drafted the book, I wanted non-skydivers and non-aviators to also enjoy the story. However, without destroying the plot in defining terms, I had created a glossary of terms. The glossary didn’t make it in the final cut. So … More Aircraft Speak Glossary

Bits & Pieces

Skydiving Magazine Ever want to jump out of Sugar Alpha? Well, she’s a lawn ornament these days in Ohio. A group has gotten together a few years to try to get her restored to her old World War colors and tagged with her original name, Lulu Belle. But if you were a skydiver back … More Bits & Pieces

Origins of the Freak Brothers

Excerpt from Chapter Two: Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comic Book They were the notorious members of the Midwest’s only challenge to California’s skydiving dominance: the exuberant, outrageous outlaws known as “The James Gang.” And there at Hinckley the legend began, on a fine blue-sky afternoon, when “Pops” Connor offered to provide Carl and Roger, and … More Origins of the Freak Brothers